Why Are Best CBD Oils Water Soluble?

Keep Track Of Your CBD Intake
Keep Track Of Your CBD Intake
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Best CBD Oils

The market for cannabidiol products made using hemp plant extract is growing daily. This was not the case a few years back until the US Farm act of 2018 that legalised the cultivation of hemp plant strains having less than 0.3% of THC. Besides, one of the most popular CBD products is CBD oil, especially the water-soluble type. They are preferred by customers because of their higher bioavailability compared to the traditional CBD oil. Read on to know why water-soluble CBD oil is more effective than the other version.

The Bioavailability Of CBD Oil

Bioavailability is the amount of substance that enters the bloodstream after it is consumed. Natural cannabidiol (CBD) is oil soluble while at the same time hydrophobic. Because of this, its rate of absorption is less when consumed, as our body is up to 60% water and it is more efficient in absorbing water soluble substances, as well as nutrients. So, traditional CBD oil and products made using it like pills and capsules have less bioavailability compared to inhaling or sublingual CBD consumption.

The bioavailability of oral consumption of CBD oil varies from 10% to 20% and some studies have shown it to be as low as 6%. Because of this, the onset time is longer than other methods of consuming cannabidiol. But, now manufacturers started introducing water-soluble CBD oil with better bioavailability and some of the best CBD products are made using it due to increased effectiveness when consumed orally.

What Is Water-Soluble CBD Oil?

The best CBD oils available in the market are water-soluble products and are popular among consumers because they can be added to a wide variety of food and beverages due to better solubility. However, the name is not quite accurate as the oil does not actually completely dissolve like other soluble substances. These products are made by breaking normal oil particles into tiny molecules and then emulsified so that they remain stable. Because of this, these tiny oil particles are more evenly distributed when mixed in water or become water compatible. This in turn increases its surface area compared to traditional CBD oil and thereby increases its absorptivity when consumed orally.

Different Types Of Water Soluble CBD

Water soluble CBD products are made by breaking down CBD oil into tiny molecules or particles and emulsified by a hydrophilic carrier. Furthermore, these require surfactants that can reduce the surface tension between the oil and the carrier. The different methods by which water-soluble CBD products are made are shared below.

Nano Emulsions: These are created by breaking down hemp plant extract into 10 to 100 nanometre droplets. Because of this very small size, nanoemulsions require a very low amount of surfactants and all natural surfactants can be used. Besides, they are translucent and can be added into drinks or beverages without being visually detected. Moreover, when compared to traditional CBD oil, they have 5 times higher potency due to higher bioavailability and the best CBD oils are made using this process.

Micro Emulsions: These are 100 to 5000 nanometre droplets of hemp plant extracts that are soluble in water. Because of the bigger size of oil particles, micro emulsions require higher amounts of surfactants and might have undesirable side effects. These types of products are not usually found in the consumer market for CBD products.

Liposomes: Liposomes are spherical structures that contain water and are similar to pills, their size varies from 50 to 5000 nanometres. It has two parts, a hydrophilic internal compartment surrounded by a hydrophobic bilayer and CBD is usually stored in this bilayer membrane. This structure requires a higher amount of surfactant because of the complex manufacturing process.

Benefits Of Water Soluble CBD Oil Products

As mentioned in the introduction, water-soluble CBD products have higher bioavailability and hence increased effectiveness. Because of this, they are absorbed better, resulting in less wastage upon consumption. As a higher amount of cannabidiol enters the bloodstream upon consumption, the onset time to feel the effects of CBD is reduced compared to traditional CBD oil products. Because it easily dissolves in water, it can be added to almost all types of water-based drinks and beverages. This makes it more attractive to consumers and drives up the demand for it. Above all, due to the higher bioavailability, a lower dosage is required for the same effects compared to traditional CBD oil, so the price per dose is lower.

Owing to the higher bioavailability and increased effectiveness, water-soluble CBD products have the potential to replace many beverages that are consumed for recreation. Similarly, it can be used by athletes as a natural alternative to the beverages they consume as part of their training, so the future of water-soluble CBD products looks promising.