How to Use CB for Cancer as a Complimentary Therapy

Use CBD For Cancer
Use CBD For Cancer

Cannabidiol which is popularly known as CBD is one among the many cannabinoids obtained from the cannabis plant and it is seen to be gaining popularity in the field of natural medicine since it offers many benefits for the body. Though there are many ongoing debates on how to use CBD for cancer, many people suggest the use of CBD for treating cancer.

Even though it is too early to make statements about the use of CBD, especially for treating cancer, this compound might help manage the various symptoms that occur as a result of having cancer or even its treatment.

Using CBD as a Complementary Therapy

Most of the evidence that is available now suggests the therapies that use CBD and cannabis might complement the treatment of cancer. Using CBD could sometimes help people who have cancer in the following ways.

Increasing the Appetite

The use of oil made of CBD might help relieve the pain and increase the appetite. Most people who go through cancer treatment often have a feeling of nausea and appetite loss which can often make it difficult for them for maintaining a balanced and healthy weight. It is believed that ingested cannabis that delivers cannabinoids such as THC to the blood might help in the stimulation of appetite in a person, although there are no pieces of evidence that using CBD alone can bring in this particular effect.

Relieving the Pain

Both cancer and the treatment used for its cure causes pain to patients due to nerve injury, inflammation or pressure caused on internal organs. While having severe pain, there are chances for it to become resistant to opioids which are regarded as effective pain relievers.

CB2 receptors are seen to be acted on by using cannabidiol which, in turn, helps in the widespread relief of pain and inflammation.


Cannabinoids like CBD are considered beneficial for people having cancer who experience vomiting and nausea regularly, especially due to chemotherapy. This antinausea effect is considered to be coming from another compound obtained from cannabis known as THC. People are planning to try cannabis for reducing symptoms like nausea should make themselves prepared for the possible psychoactive effects of THC that can be present in prescribed cannabis products. It is also important that you discuss with your doctor before using CBD products. Most people often find relief by using low doses of THC, and the prescription versions of synthetic THC that are available are seen to have fewer side effects.