What To Keep In Mind When Buying CBD Products

Best CBD Products
Best CBD Products
Best CBD Products
Best CBD Products

CBD has turned into the shack that people crowd under the minute the skies open up and it begins raining cats and dogs; the much needed shelter in the time of overwhelming need. The reason for people choosing CBD over the usual pill bottle in the medicine cabinet is self-explanatory. On one hand we have a product that can cause long term heart condition and increase your chances of catching a stroke; on the other hand we have an herbal natural alternative that does the job much cleaner and with far less side effects than you can name. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) has gone to commend on the excellent side effects profile of CBD.

But that is not the only reason why the popularity of CBD has touched the skies. The way in which we can put CBD into almost anything humanly edible and organic gives unimaginable scope and flexibility. Simply walk over to your nearest CBD retail store or browse through a known CBD ecommerce website; you will find CBD matcha, CBD Bath Bombs, CBD shower gels, CBD tinctures, CBD moisturisers…the list is endless.

With so many products to choose from, consumers now have the added pressure of choosing the right product for them. The CBD industry isn’t one that has been around for decades, but is still in its infancy. There are no long trusted brands that have been dominating the market that we can blindly trust. Plus, CBD products aren’t what you would call cheap. It is important that the product you finally settle on and the money spent on it is done in a wise manner. You need to know how to separate the worst from the best CBD products.

We are here to tell you of what are the things that you must keep in mind when you are buying your next CBD products. It doesn’t matter if you are heading down to a retail CBD store or to an online CBD supplier, you need to remember these. Just because these are the most popular CBD products doesn’t mean you should research on it like a responsible consumer. Read on…


The United States is another welcome addition to expanding list of countries that have legalised CBD. Some have gone the step further and even permitted the use of recreational marijuana such as Canada. While some have more stringent restrictions in place such as France.

Irrespective of where you are from, the substance called THC is considered an enemy of the state. Be wary of how much of it is present in every CBD product you have on you. There have been occurrences of people being locked up behind bars or fined heavily solely because “they didn’t know”.

The CBD or cannabidiol is only one such compound out of a hundred others that you will find in a hemp or cannabis plant. THC is another such substance which is found alongside CBD. The problem that THC brings with it is the intoxication. The feelings of delusion when smoking marijuana is because of this substance called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD has no such properties and is strictly therapeutic in nature; meaning you can try as much CBD products as you want and you won’t feel a buzz!

But it is this THC that creates the problems.

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying CBD Products

  1. Be Sure To Check The THC Content

As mentioned earlier, different countries have their own laws. That applies to even different states! Such as in the US, California has more lax marijuana laws compared to Texas which is on the opposite end of the spectrum! You can smoke marijuana in the comfort of your home in California, but in Texas if you are caught with a CBD product that has THC beyond the permissible 0.3% as laid down by federal laws then kiss your soft bed at home goodbye for a while.

This is why you need to make sure you know exactly how much of the forbidden THC is in it. In countries like France, there are certain parts of the hemp plant from which CBD mustn’t be extracted from like the flower; only the seeds and the stalk of the hemp plant can be used.

Make sure to study your local laws or end up regretting it!

  1. Go through their CoA (Certificate of Analysis)

This is a must! Every CBD producer or manufacturer must have a CoA for each and every one of their products! This certificate is handed by a third party lab that tests the product for its various cannabinoid and impurity constituents. Yes, you will know the CBD potency and how much of the THC is in it!

  1. Go For A Trustworthy Brand & Read The Reviews

Make sure to go through multiple review sites and ask feedback from people who have used the CBD product. Make sure that you choose a CBD brand that has a proven track record of putting out high quality, tested CBD products that use natural home grown hemp! Go through their website or social media outlets to understand the effort that they are putting into the product! Once you are satisfied only, should you go ahead and buy!