What Is The US Farm Bill Of 2018?

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US Farm Bill 2018
US Farm Bill 2018

We know about the revolutionary US Farm Bill 2018. The bill became famous because of its unconventional legalization of CBD derived from industrial hemp. We know what happened to CBD after that. However, what was CBD’s story before the Farm Bill? How did the Farm Bill affect the cannabis industry? Let’s have a look at what exactly the bill is and how it brought about changes.

What Is the US Farm Bill?

Let’s look at the US farm bill history. The first Farm Bill was passed in the era of the Great Depression in 1933. The Farm Bill aimed at helping farmers during times of distress when the supply and demand were not equal. The bill also aimed at providing everyone with food supplies during famines like drought or flood. Later, Congress passed a more practical and permanent Farm Bill known as the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938 after changing a few points and permission to update it every four years. The bill was updated in 2008 into the Food Conservation And Energy Act of 2008.

The bill is modified as per inputs from American Farm Bureau Federation, the International Dairy Foods Association, the National Corn Growers Association, the Center for Rural Affairs, and many other industry groups based on the food supply and production.

The 2018 Farm Bill

The Farm Bill of 2018 was not very different in terms of the extent of changes brought. However, it is revolutionary because of the change that is made. The Farm Bill of 2018 was very similar to the one of 2014 except for the federal legalization of industrial hemp, a crop that is expected to be worth $20 billion by 2022.

How Has The Cannabis Industry Transformed After The Legalisation Of CBD?

Before the 2018 farm bill, life was different for CBD which is a therapeutic compound. Despite having no euphoric effect, the compound was treated like THC. The plant hemp was considered as harmful as marijuana, despite having a very less amount of the intoxicating compound. According to the new order, industrial hemp (which contains lesser than 0.3 percent CBD) is legal. This rule opened doors for CBD, which led to the discovery of its amazing properties.

CBD and its products are completely legal now, which means you can have it without worrying about breaking the law. However, the rules about CBD vary in every state. Therefore, it would be better if you get to know the rules of your state before you use CBD.