What CBD Extract Works Best For Me?

types of cbd extract

CBD has garnered an international audience. Individual retailers and producers have started putting out videos of CBD on YouTube; the major news networks hold weekly debates on CBD. Even if you live under a rock, you wouldn’t be missing out on the waves that CBD has been creating. People have begun taking refuge under this “CBD ceiling “of sorts all because of what this miracle drug is capable of doing! The CBD side effects are shadowed by it benefits!

But CBD is such a drug that is only useful when it is taken in the way it is supposed to be taken! If you have taken a trip to the nearest producer you would have seen the label showing “Full-spectrum CBD only” written. Maybe other times it says “CBD isolates only”. But what does all this mean. What should I be taking that will benefit me the most?

We will help you with those questions!

Before we begin, let us learn the basics…

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the several hundreds of active compounds that are present in marijuana plant. These compounds are collectively called Cannabinoids. CBD is extracted from hemp seed plants as well.

There are misconceptions and rumours making their way around, saying that taking CBD may get you intoxicated. That is utterly false in every sense of the word! The CBD is a “non-psychoactive substance”. The feeling of intoxication that people associate marijuana with is because of another cannabinoid called THC. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol unlike the former is a psychoactive compound. The concentration of THC is too negligible in CBD, to ever create any feeling of euphoria ever!

What Are Full-Spectrum CBD’s?

Full-spectrum CBDs contain the whole gang. That means all the cannabinoids are present in the final product. None of them are filtered out and removed. The immediate benefit of this is that, this form of CBD extract has something called the “Entourage Effect”!

Entourage Effect: Making Of The Dream Team

Due to the presence of all the cannabinoids such as flavonoids, terpenes etc. in the extract, each of the cannabinoids boost the properties of one another. The result is a much more potent form of CBD extract with more wide scaled CBD benefits! Further the extract is more true to the original plant, as very little processing has been done on it.

However, this means that THC is present in this form of CBD extract. The percentage of THC however is miniscule, only 0.3%. You won’t have any side effects taking Full-spectrum CBD but the problem arises if the state or local government restricts the use of THC products. Plus if your boss has a penchant to drug test his employees frequently, then it might create a hassle. Although subsequent drug test will negate the result, you can expect a false positive to be flagged initially.

Full-spectrum CBD can be consumed either through inhalation, orally or even through transdermal patches.  Due to the presence of multiple cannabinoids, this extract has a harsh, bitter taste to it. If you are someone who likes to infuse the extract into their cooking oils and chocolates, beware!

CBD Isolates

This is the isolated form of CBD. It is simply pure CBD extract which is packaged as the final product. There exist no other cannabinoids. The process being a little more complicated and tedious causes CBD isolates to be priced higher than Full-spectrum CBD products. Since other cannabinoids are absent, there is no additive Entourage effect. If you are someone who wants a stronger CBD extract, in terms of percentage of CBD alone then CBD isolates is your man!

Since THC is absent, you won’t have a run with the law, especially if using CBD products is permitted by your local or state government. Further, no issues arises on taking drug test either since flagging a false positive for THC is completely out of the question.

CBD Isolate on its own has no odour and is mostly colourless. This makes it apt for the home chef in you, who likes to imbue the goodness of CBD into tasty treats like chocolate brownies and butter!

CBD Isolate Full-Spectrum CBD
Absence of Entourage effect Has the added benefit of Entourage effect
It is odourless and colourless It has a harsh, bitter taste to it
It can be used in cooking Not apt for use in cooking
Requires more processing, Slightly more expensive Not as much processing, hence cheaper
Legal to use in THC-illegal states Illegal to use in THC-illegal states
No chance of THC false + in drug test May flag THC false + in drug test

The Conclusion

Choosing the right extract requires you to first introspect what your need is. If you need a stronger CBD concentration then go for a CBD isolate extract. However, if you require a better-rounded extract with lower CBD concentration, then a Full-spectrum CBD extract is your choice!