What Are CBD Salves And Creams For Pain?

Most Popular CBD Products
Most Popular CBD Products
Most Popular CBD Products
Most Popular CBD Products

The rise in popularity of CBD has created a booming market that resulted in a number of CBD infused products for various types of ailments. Among them, topicals are a particular category of products, and they are cannabidiol infused balms, salves and creams absorbed through the skin to alleviate conditions like pain, soreness and irritation. They are some of the most popular CBD productsbecause of the lack of psychotropic effects and the added benefits for skin health. Any first time user or buyer will be perplexed at the sheer number of the types of CBD topicals available. This guide will give you a basic understanding about CBD topical and the different types of products that come under it.

The different types of CBD topicals are salves, lotions and creams; they are applied on the skin to give localised effect or relief. Listed below are details about different types of it, read ahead to know more.

CBD Salve

CBD salves or balms are basically thick waxy preparation that can be applied on the skin to relieve symptoms like pain and inflammation. Cannabis infused salves has been used since ancient times in traditional medicine for their disinfectant and analgesic properties. Since the discovery of these medical properties of cannabidiol by modern medicine, there has been a resurgence in its demand. They are generally produced from phytocannabinoid rich hemp extract and have THC levels less than 0.3% making it not psychotropic.

How Are CBD Salves Made?

CBD salves are very basic preparations that can be made in multiple ways based on different types of recipes giving some unique quality for each. It is made by combining a hemp CBD extract with a base carrying agent usually in the form of wax. This is because, natural CBD is oil soluble and combining it with a fatty or lipid rich carrier like wax increases its bioavailability, and thereby its effectiveness.

Beeswax: This is the most common type of base carrier wax used for making best CBD salves for pain. It is thick, sticky and a hard substance that must be dissolved to make it smooth.

Vegetable Wax: Vegetable waxes are also used to make CBD salves and items such as Candelilla wax produced from the leaves of Mexican Candelilla plants is a common one. It is used in products that are intended to be purely vegan.

Coconut Oil: As mentioned earlier, waxes are used because of its high fat content; so, instead of it oils such as coconut oil made into a waxy form can also be used as a carrier base. The higher the amount of fats, better the solubility of the CBD in it.

The salves are made by first grounding the hemp plant material into fine pieces but not made into a powder. Then, it is boiled in the oil for a few hours to decarboxylate it and activates the phytocannabinoids contained in it. This also makes the activated CBD to attach with the fatty acids in the oil and seep into it. After this process, the activated CBD rich oil is blended with melted wax to prepare the salve.

How CBD Salves Work?

CBD salves impart its effect like any other topical therapeutic product and they do not enter the systemic circulatory system. Its effectiveness is due to CBD’s effect on the endocannabinoid system receptors on the skin surface. The skin being the largest organ in the body has a high concentration of CB1 and CB2 receptors, they get activated by the cannabidiol contained in the balm reducing pain and inflammation along with a host of other benefits associated with it. It is also used to treat other skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and acne as well. This is because the CBD helps to reduce the inflammation while the high amounts of fatty acids in the wax helps to reduce irritation and soothe the skin.

How To Use CBD Salves?

As mentioned earlier CBD salves are good for giving localised relief from pain and inflammation. So, before applying it you must clean the area where you want to apply it with soap and water to remove dirt and other oil build-up. The presence of impurities reduces the penetration of CBD into deeper layers of skin reducing its effectiveness. After cleaning and drying the area, massage the salve into the area for a few minutes to generate heat through friction to melt the wax and increase CBD penetration through the pores of skin. Once you are done applying the salve, wait for 1 hour to get the relief from pain and inflammation, use it at regular intervals to get lasting relief and maximum effect.

CBD Lotions And Creams

Similar to CBD salves, lotions and creams are topical products that can be used to get relief from pain and inflammation. They differ from balms because they use small amounts of water in their preparation, as a result they have got a less thicker consistency. CBD cream for pain and inflammation are popular and used by people instead of regular products.

CBD salves, creams and lotions are effective when used along with regular medicines to reduce pain and inflammation.