Tips For Introducing CBD Into Your Pet’s Daily Routine

CBD In Pet Food
CBD In Pet Food
CBD In Pet Food
CBD In Pet Food

When it comes to the health of your pets, no one would want to take any chances because that is how much you love them. CBD has earned a prominent place in the wellness industry, with its use being equally popular among humans and pets. Administering CBD to your pets demands the same care and caution that you take before you consume CBD for your wellness. Through this article, we highlight some of the tricks to get you pets acquainted with the world of CBD.

Discuss With Your Vet

You cannot simply take a sudden decision about administering CBD to your pet and act impulsively. Things do not work that way. If you have plans of adding CBD to your pet’s routine, the first thing you have to do is talk to your vet.

Give Them CBD When They Come Back After A Walk Or Play Session 

The time when your pets are back after a walk or an active play session is ideal to administer CBD. As they get back home, you can mix CBD in their drink or treat. When it comes to CBD, you have different options in flavors. You also get products devoid of any flavor. As feeding your pets something that lacks any flavor is going to be a struggle, going for flavored CBD options seems reasonable.

Use The Sniff Test 

Animals get a picture of their external environment through the olfactory receptors in their noses. Dogs are experts in sensing their external environments by sniffing. To get an idea about how your pet is going to like the CBD product you administer them, allow them to sniff the CBD dropper, or treat. As CBD is derived from a plant source, it is not going to excite your pet much.

If your pet dislikes the scent, you would have to try adding the CBD to any treat they will love. If you have a pet that gets nervous about getting new scents, you have to get them used to that scent before you add CBD to their routine.

Give Small Doses Of CBD Before Events That Might Induce Anxiety

If some events can trigger anxiety response in your pets and you know about the events’ occurrence beforehand, you can give them CBD in small doses to keep them calm. Terpenes like linalool, beta-caryophyllene, and myrcene in CBD products can generate calming effects. If your pet is scared of thunderstorm or fireworks, you can give them CBD, provided you have advance notice of these events. Some may have a separation anxiety disorder that triggers anxiety response when separated from owners. The new and unfamiliar situation can make your pets restless. Shifting to a new home and having guests at home are some examples.

Mix CBD In Pet Food 

Mixing CBD oil or tincture into wet or dry pet food is quite an easy task. Just take the right dosage of CBD oil in the dropper and mix it in the pet food. The dosage is influenced by various factors including the pet’s weight, size, and metabolism. You may add CBD oil to the morning treats of pets to keep them active during the day. CBD in raw form has a strong herbal scent that is by no chance going to attract your pet. Adding it to pet treats masks its raw flavor and herbal scent.

Give CBD To Your Pets Before Bathing Them 

Many pet owners find bathing their pets as an exhausting task. Some pets just hate the idea and would not want to get a bath at all. On the other hand, some like to play in the water and in the end, you have water all over your body. Lack of any reward is the primary reason why some pets hate getting a bath. They feel like they are not gaining anything from the experience and find no reason to tolerate the experience they find torturous. Treating your pets with their favorite pet treats or CBD tinctures, can make them realize that bath time is indeed fun time.  For pets that enjoy getting a bath but stay restless throughout, CBD can help keep them calm.

Give CBD To Pets At Night 

The sleeping patterns of your pets depend on their daily activity. If your pets play a lot during the day, they will sleep more at night and less during the day. If the opposite happens, they will be napping during the day and sleepless during the night. CBD is an excellent medication to break their errant sleeping patterns without any serious repercussions. CBD exerts influence on the overall sleep-wake cycle of your pet and keeps them active during the day and get enough rest at night. Discomfort and potential distractions make it difficult for pets to get enough rest.

All of these issues can be efficiently solved by giving them CBD regularly, so CBD is the key.